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Brushed Aluminum Sheet

brushed aluminum sheet

Aluminum plate drawing is a repeated use of sandpaper to scrap the aluminum plate manufacturing process, the process is divided into de-ester, sand mill, washed three parts.

Mintai Al. Industrial can supply with various colors of brushed aluminum sheet:Bronze, Blue, Red, Silver, Gold, purple bronze, Black, Pink, matte finish etc.
brushed aluminum sheet

Brushed aluminum sheet is widely used for brushed aluminum composite panel, fire-proof plate, cabinet, door, lighting, indoor and outdorr decoration, housedhould appliance,s bags, gifts, furniture and other fields

Suitable material for brushed aluminum sheet 

1.Pure aluminum sheet:the common code of 1xxx series aluminum:1050, 1060, 1100, which is the largest amount of aluminum in pure aluminum plate.The pure is 99.9%

2.3xxx series aluminum alloy: the main component is manganese, the content is beween 1.0% and 1.5%, which is a better series of anti-rust function. Most of them are used in air conditioning, refrigerators, car and other humid environment. Its price is higher thant 1xxx series aluminum.

3.4xxx series aluminum plate, 4A01 is the common one, it is the one has a higher content of silicon(between 4.5%-6.0%). Which is widely used for building, mechanical parts, forging.

4.5xxx series aluminum sheet: such as 5052 5005 5083 5a05. 5xxx series aluminum is the common used aluminum. The main element is magnesium with content 3%-5%, which also called Al-Mg alloy. Low density, high tensile strength and high elongation.

5.6xxx series aluminum sheet: 6061 6063. Which mainly includes two elements: Mg and silicon. 6061 is a cold treatment of aluminum forging products, suitable for corrosion resistance, high oxidation requirements of the application. It can be used in low pressure weapons and airplane joints.

6.7xxx series aluminum sheet:7075. The main element is Zine, which also belong to airplane series(Al-Mg-Zi alloy). It is the super hard aluminum and can be dealed with heat treatment, which is can be used for airplane making.
brushed aluminum sheet