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Aluminium circle

  • Aluminum Circle,Aluminum Disc,Aluminum Wafer

    Aluminum Circle,Aluminum Disc,Aluminum Wafer,Aluminum pots,Aluminum pan
  • Road signs,Aluminum road signs

    Peoduct name:Aluminum road sign Brand Name:Alumetal Standard Blank Size:7 x 10, 10 x 14, 6 x 24, 6 x 28, 12 x 18, 18 x 24, 24 x 24 inch etc Characteristic:Durable Shape:Rectangle,Square,Diamond,Octagon,Circle etc Thickness:0.025, 0.063, 0.080, 0.125
  • 1000 series Aluminum circle/aluminum discs Alloy:AA1050,AA1060,AA1100

    1000 Aluminum Circle Including:1050 aluminium circle sheet,1060 aluminium disk,1070 aluminium round sheet,1100 aluminium discs,1200 aluminium circle.,It is mainly used for capacitor case,aluminum pots,aluminum cans/ bottles,aluminum bowl.
  • Aluminum circle/aluminum discs/aluminum disk

    Alloy:1050,1060,1070,1100,3003,3105,5052,5005,5083,5754,8011 Temper:HO,H14,H24,H12,H18,H16,H22 Thickness:0.5-10mm Diameter:100-1200mm Including:1000 aluminium circle,3000 aluminium circle sheet,5000 aluminium discs,6000 aluminium round sheet
  • 3000 series aluminum circle/aluminum round sheet Alloy:3003,3105,3004,3005

    Aluminum circle is the one of the deep-processing products of the aluminum sheet&plate.,Aluminum Circle is including 3003 aluminium circle,3004 aluminium circle sheet,3105 aluminium round sheet,3005 aluminium discs,3A21 aluminium disk.Temper:HO,H14,H
  • 5000 series aluminum circle/aluminum wafer/DDQ aluminium discs

    Aluminum circle is the one of the deep-processing products of the aluminum sheet&plate, 5000 Aluminum Circle including 5052 aluminum disk, 5005 aluminum cake,5754 aluminum dicks and 5083 aluminum circle round sheet.
  • Aluminium circle sheet for cookware /DDQ Metal aluminium circle

    Aluminium circle is the one of the deep-processing products of aluminium sheet&plate, Aluminum Circle is called aluminium disk ,aluminium cake,aluminum dicks and aluminum circle round sheet.For cookware including:1100,1050,3003 aluminium circle.
  • Aluminum circle round sheet for spinning Alloy:1050/1060/1100/3003/5052

    Aluminum circle for spinning mainly used for:Lighting, Ventilation, Satellite, Paint Sprayers, Cenral Vacuum Units, Filter Cartridges, Planters, Waste Recepticles, Drip Pans, Cryogenic Tankers, Race Car Wheels .Including:1050,3003 aluminium circle
  • Anodized Aluminum Circle for Kitchen Utensils

    Anodized Aluminum Circle is widely used for utensil, kitchenware, cookware, signboard, lampshade, panel.
  • Teflon Coated Aluminum Circle

    Aluminium Circles include 1050 1060 1100 3003, which are used in Reflective Sign Boards, Road Furniture, Utensils, Sand witch Bottom, Cooker, Non-Stick etc.
  • Aluminium circle /aluminum discs for lighting

    lighting aluminium circle mainly used to produce lampshade,lamp cover. We produce high quality anodized aluminium circle and painted aluminium circle used in manufacturer different lamp shade, such as recessed lighting, high bay industrial.
  • Aluminum Circle 1050 O/ H12/ H14

    Though smelting, casting, hot-rolling, cold-rolling, heat-treatment, finishing and other technology, the heavy melting aluminum and an appropriate quality of alloying elements is processed to light nonferrous metal material which has the characters of
  • Aluminium Discs Circles

    Cold Rolling Aluminum Circles are widely used in furniture like tables. But most aluminum circles clients requested are Deep Drawing Quality Aluminum Circle
  • 3003 aluminum circle

    3000 aluminum circle has the characters of fine luster, good looking, light weight, poison less and selflessness, and it also has good properties of transmitting electric current and heat, processing and corrosion-resisting Applicability
  • Aluminum Circle for Cooking Utensils

    Both hot treated and non-heat treated alloy can be used for aluminum circle production. Hope you can let us know the specific requirement of your product through inquiry.

Aluminium circleTechnical Specifications

Aluminium circle Application:

Aluminum Circles are widely used in aluminum pots,aluminum cans,aluminum pans,road signs. Aluminum circle is the one of the deep-processing products of the aluminum sheet&plate.,Aluminu

Aluminum Sheet