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DOUBLE ALUMINIUM FOIL,Pharmaceutical packaging

Double aluminium foil is composed of aluminium foil and PE film, which is a kind of laminated packing material with high barrier property and can effectively prevent moisture and light. greatly improve the protective for drugs, extend the shelf life. Used to pack pills and tablets.
Temper:  O
Structure:  OP/Ink/Al/PE
Thickness:  Al:35mics PE:50mics Or customized as request
Printing:  Unprinted or 1~4 colors printing as required
Width:  Customized from 60mm to 700mm
Inner core:   ID76mm or152mm

The first layer: overpaint, protect printing, ensure ink fastness
Second layer: ink, text and information printing.
The third layer: aluminum foil, the thickness can be 20mics, 25mics and 30mics
Fourth layer: PE film, heat-sealed with the PE side of the foil